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Hannah Clark is a Baylor College of Medicine Orthotics and Prosthetics resident, driven by her desire to provide equitable, sustainable, culturally competent, evidence-based O&P care domestically and internationally. While completing her residency, Hannah served as the interim warehouse manager for Limbs for Life, helping provide prostheses free of charge to patients without insurance. She recently completed a field study on orthotic and prosthetic care disparities in Native American communities. Hannah plans to use the Larry Lange Fellowship Award to go with Operation Namaste to teach Nepalese practitioners how to make gel liners for less than $50 without electricity or clean water. Hannah has spent the last two years partnering with Operation Namaste and the University of Washington, conducting materials tests that correspond to stresses liners undergo throughout the gait cycle and confirming that Namaste Liners act similarly to commercially available gel liners.