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OPRESCAS Application Harmonization

What is Application Harmonization?

  • Application harmonization recognizes NCOPE residency programs that have elected to synchronize their application processes using OPRESCAS.  This enables candidates to have a consistent timeline and helps allow informed decisions when applying to multiple participating organizations.

How Does Application Harmonization Work?

  • Each application cycle, participating organizations identify consistent dates for the following application events:
    • Application Open Date
    • Application Close Date
    • Extension of Position Offer
    • Period of Review for Accepted Candidates

What Were the Dates for the 2020-20201 Application Cycle?

  • Application Open Date: 10/1/2020
  • Application Close Date: 12/15/2020
  • Extension of Position Offer: 3/1/2021
  • Office Acceptance Deadline: 3/5/2021

The above dates are fixed and may not be deviated from even if extenuating circumstances present for the program or applicant.  Programs reserve the right to schedule interviews and other application processes so long as they do not deviate from the timeline for the events above. 


Who Do I Contact to Learn More?