OPRESCAS Programs and Users

1) If your program is listed, but an employee tied to the residency program is not listed (or there are no users tied to the program at all), please contact Megan Marshall – mmarshall@liaisonedu.com and request a “user be added to your organization.”  Be certain to include the name of the organization as listed on the spreadsheet below.

2) If your program is not listed, please complete the OPRESCAS program configuration form: https://forms.microsoft.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=675TtD0pskuxi695PvotS4Zf5t-vk2JJhtTHzNObyIZUODY2UTcyVEkzWFdCVFhQTDk2M0Y2Q083SS4u

If you have any other questions regarding OPRESCAS, please contact the appropriate person listed on the OPRESCAS Information Portal HERE.