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NCOPE Volunteer Excellence Award

Award Description

The NCOPE Volunteer of Excellence Award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions advancing NCOPE’s mission through their volunteer service. Nominees have provided an exceptional level of support, activity, commitment and/or leadership over an extended period of time. This recipient is considered an “ideal” volunteer who has enhanced NCOPE’s ability to carry out its goals or increase its impact. This award provides the highest level of recognition from NCOPE to its volunteers. 

Award Criteria

  • Advancing NCOPE’s mission and goals
  • Demonstrating exceptional service to one or more NCOPE activities and/or programs
  • Assuming leadership responsibilities within NCOPE (e.g., chairing committees, self-study team, on-site teams, ACM trainer, formerly serving as an officer, etc.)
  • Possessing strong volunteer characteristics such as dependability, flexibility, initiative, cooperation, inclusivity and positive interaction with others

Any or all of the following may be considered in making and evaluating nominations.

Selection Process

The Governance Committee reviews nominations and selects no more than two to be submitted to the full Board of Directors on a ballot. Each member of the Board has one vote and the nominee receiving the majority of votes receives the award.

Nominations are due October 30th, 2023.