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A student of Bluegrass Community Technical College (BCTC)’s Orthotic Prosthetic Technology Program has channeled his family’s proximity to the VA as a tool to work Veterans in the Lexington, KY area. Devin Lewis is in his second semester currently and says “I learned some useful tools and stuff. It’s like helping my dad out with cars and stuff, but I’ve never used tools as much as I have now.” Michael Madden, a BCTC instructor of 12 years, became involved in the O&P industry at the age of 5 and underwent a hip disarticulation surgery at the age of 6. Per Spectrum News 1’s Crystal Sicard, ‘He says it’s a field that allows creativity by engineering each piece to each unique individual. “I can have six people with the same pathology or the same disease or same illness. I might have six different approaches for each individual person. So it’s very individualized as far as treatment protocols,” Madden said.’

BCTC is currently seeking candidacy recognition and once successful will become one of only six orthotic & prosthetic technician programs in the US. Full story available at Spectrum News 1. Interested in more information? Visit the BCTC website to learn more.