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Current Resident FAQ

Residency Requirements

Where do I enter case logs and complete required forms?

NCOPE Tracker is the tool used to submit all required resident documentation.  

I just learned that I will not be able to continue my residency / my hours have been reduced. What do I need to do?

Short terms leaves are not an issue and there is no need to submit any documentation to NCOPE in these cases.  If your hours are reduced to less than 37.5 hours per week on average or if you will be gone from the residency program for more than a 2 week period of time, please complete a residency status change form, which can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

I am in my 2nd residency and want to work as both a resident and independent clinician for the residency I already completed, how does this work?

Residents in their 2nd residency can pursue title extension if they are credentialled in their initial discipline.  The resident must spend a minimum of 20 hours per week in their enrolled 2nd discipline to complete the residency in the minimum 12-month time frame.  

Example I: Rachel Resident, MSPO, CO is a newly minted certified orthotist and is starting her prosthetic residency.  She works 8 hour shifts and if seeing orthotic patients on Tuesday / Thursday, while seeing only prosthetic patient on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Rachel will be able to finish her residency in 12 months since she is credentialled and attaining greater than 20 hours per week of prosthetic experience if she is able to demonstrate competency and has all the required patient experiences needed for a residency to be marked complete by her program director. 

I am doing a combined O&P residency, how should I calculate the percentage of experiences in each discipline?

A combined O&P residency program should calculate the relative experiences by time spent to ensure no less than 40% of the time spent is in orthotics or prosthetics. 

For example: A resident working 40 hours per week that spends 20 hours engaged in orthotic services and 20 hours engaged in prosthetic services would be considered working 50% in both disciplines. 

What is the minimum duration my residency can be?

The minimum duration a single-discipline orthotic or prosthetic residency can be is 1 complete year (365 days), while the minimum duration a dual-discipline (combined O&P) residency can be is 18 months (587 days).  Under no circumstances can a residency be less than these durations.

Quick Links


Resident Registration Form

NCOPE Tracker

Is your question related to NCOPE Tracker?   CLICK HERE for the latest information and resources.


I am locked out of NCOPE Tracker, what do I do?

If it is before the residency start date, this is normal.  Access is not granted until the first day of the residency.

If you forgot your password, you can completed a password reset.  Please make sure you double check your email spam folder and mail filters to find the message.

If you have not logged into the system within the past 2 weeks, your account may be inactivated.  Please contact the NCOPE Residency Staff and identify why you have been delinquent with case entries and to identify what needs to be done to re-activate the account.

Where can I learn more about NCOPE Tracker?

We have created a comprehensive resource that links to all available NCOPE Tracker resources by clicking HERE.

When are the quarterly forms due?

Most forms coincide with quarters and are due within 30 days of the completion of the quarter.  For the purpose of the residency program, a quarter is defined as 91.25 days.

For Example: Paul Prosthetist, MSOP started his prosthetic residency on April 15th, 2021.  His 1st quarter will end on July 15th, 2021 and all forms related to the 1st quarter are due on August 15th, 2021. 

Where can I check and see which residency forms, transcripts, and payments have been received by the NCOPE staff?

The NCOPE staff personally reviews each form submitted by a resident.  You can run an NCOPE Status Report at any time to see if the staff has received a document.  The status report can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Completing a Residency

The end of my residency is approaching, when will I be notified of my completion?

Remember that the institution hosting your residency is your employer or an academic institution if you are a student at an O&P program with integrated residency.  In the same way you would ask your professor in school “if you passed a class” it is important to engage your residency director to verify that all the requirements have been met.  The NCOPE staff will not formally audit a resident record to verify completion until all requirements have been completed and documented correctly using NCOPE Tracker. 

My mentor or I completed a form that isn't being reflected on the status report, how do I fix this?

Simply send a copy of the completed form PDF to the NCOPE Residency Staff at  Be certain to include your program type/track.

Am I automatically enrolled in the 2nd residency?

No.  You will need to complete a Residency Program Registration Form for the 2nd discipline.

To learn about upcoming changes, please refer to the Dual Credential Pathway for Residency and Certification FAQ.