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Maintaining CAAHEP Accreditation

Annual Reports

NCOPE requires each accredited program to submit an Annual Report via the Accreditation Management Portal (AMP). The purpose of the annual report is to provide outcome-based evaluation of programs for the 5 years between full evaluations. Questions are designed to elicit self-evaluation of program compliance with the Standards. For maximum benefit to the program, the report should be discussed with the entire program faculty and should be incorporated into, or flow directly from a program’s ongoing evaluation. Annual reports provide evidence, program self-reflection and proposed updates to the program on the following outcomes to ensure compliance with the CAAHEP Standards.

Administrative Requirements

a. The program must inform the NCOPE and CAAHEP within a reasonable period of time (as defined by NCOPE and CAAHEP policies) of changes in chief executive officer, dean of health professions or equivalent position, and required program personnel.

b. The sponsor must inform CAAHEP and the NCOPE of its intent to transfer program sponsorship. To begin the process for a Transfer of Sponsorship, the current sponsor must submit a letter (signed by the CEO or designated individual) to CAAHEP and the NCOPE that it is relinquishing its sponsorship of the program. Additionally, the new sponsor must submit a “Request for Transfer of Sponsorship Services” using the Accreditation Management Portal (AMP). The NCOPE has the discretion of requesting a new self-study report with or without an on-site review. Applying for a transfer of sponsorship does not guarantee that the transfer of accreditation will be granted.

c. The sponsor must promptly inform CAAHEP and the NCOPE of any adverse decision affecting its accreditation by recognized institutional accrediting agencies and/or state agencies (or their equivalent).

d. Comprehensive reviews are scheduled by the NCOPE in accordance with its policies and procedures. The time between comprehensive reviews is determined by the NCOPE and based on the program’s on-going compliance with the Standards, however, all programs must undergo a comprehensive review at least once every ten years.

e. The program and the sponsor must pay NCOPE and CAAHEP fees within a reasonable period of time, as determined by the NCOPE and CAAHEP respectively.

f. The sponsor must file all reports in a timely manner (self-study report, progress reports, annual reports, etc.) in accordance with NCOPE policy.

g. The sponsor must agree to a reasonable on-site review date that provides sufficient time for CAAHEP to act on a NCOPE accreditation recommendation prior to the “next comprehensive review” period, which was designated by CAAHEP at the time of its last accreditation action, or a reasonable date otherwise designated by the NCOPE.

h. The sponsor must maintain, and make available to the public, current and consistent summary information about student/graduate achievement that includes the results of the following program outcomes assessments

    • Practitioner programs must disclose employment rates
    • Technical programs must disclose graduation rates
    • Assistant programs must disclose graduation rates
    • Pedorthic programs must disclose graduation rates
    • ABC pass rates

Failure to meet any of the aforementioned administrative requirements may lead to administrative probation and ultimately to the withdrawal of accreditation. CAAHEP will immediately rescind administrative probation once all administrative deficiencies have been rectified.