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NCOPE Tracker

NCOPE Tracker is a custom software platform designed by Bamboo Strategic Media to capture clinical experiences of residents and to complete documentation tied to the NCOPE Residency Program.  The software is provided to residents and mentors as part of the residency fees.

Case Entry Requirements:

  • Residents must log all cases greater than or equal to 15 minutes in duration.

    • The amount of time a case “lasts” is not purely the time spent in the presence of the patient.  Any time spent performing adjustments outside of the patient care area or entering documentation should also be included when determining the length of a case.

  • All cases must be entered whether the resident observes, assists, or performs a particular procedure.

  • All cases must be entered through the entire duration of the residency regardless of whether or not the resident has achieved competence or transitioned to indirect supervision.

  • Cases must be logged no later than 15 days after the patient encounter occurs.

Required Forms:

  • Residents and mentors must complete their forms using NCOPE Tracker in a timely fashion including:

    • Resident Forms

      • Quarterly Evaluation of the Residency Mentor – SAMPLE
      • Quarterly Evaluation of the Residency Program – SAMPLE
      • Quarterly Clinical Activity OR Quarterly Research Activity
      • Professional Activity
      • Graduate Evaluation of the O&P Education Program
    • Director/Mentor Forms

      • Quarterly / Formative Evaluation of the Resident – SAMPLE
      • Competency Forms (Orthotic / Prosthetic) – SAMPLE
      • Technical Competency Forms – SAMPLE