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Partner Organizations

The orthotic, prosthetic, and pedorthic professional organizations work closely with NCOPE to ensure graduates of academic programs and residency are receiving effective formal preparation necessary to meet the needs of the patients they serve.

CAAHEP Sponsoring Organizations

CAAHEP is a programmatic accreditor responsible for the accreditation of over 30 professions including orthotics, prosthetics and pedorthics.  CAAHEP sponsoring organizations provide support and input to committees on accreditation (CoA) such as NCOPE.  Each sponsoring organization appoints a commissioner to CAAHEP who is involved in approving CAAHEP rules and making accreditation decisions.  There are over 100 CAAHEP commissioners representing CoAs, sponsors, academic institutions and the public.

Orthotic, Prosthetic, and Pedorthic Professional Organizations

Solution Providers