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In proud partnership with the Orthotics and Prosthetics Foundation for Education and Research (The Foundation), we are pleased to recognize and congratulate the recipients of the 2024 ABC Orthotist & Prosthetist Scholarship and Scholarship for O&P Diversity.

The ABC Orthotist & Prosthetist Scholarship supports the continued academic success of 10 qualified O&P students, and the ABC Scholarship for O&P Diversity supports the academic success of four racially or ethnically underrepresented students in the O&P profession each year. Each recipient receives a $10,000 scholarship.

“We are excited to mark our third year of providing $10,000 scholarships to O&P students,” remarked Billy Lester, CPO, ABC President. “As our profession continues to grow, so too does the need to grow and support the pipeline of diverse and talented individuals. Special thanks to staff and the volunteer reviewers that worked to make another year of scholarship selections possible.”

We had 81 students apply for the ABC Orthotist & Prosthetist Scholarship, and had 19 apply for the Scholarship for O&P Diversity.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients!



2024 ABC Orthotist & Prosthetist Scholarship

Caitlin Bowman

University of Pittsburgh

Abby Citterman

Northwestern University

Olivia Collavo

Northwestern University

Kira Nicole Donnelly

University of Texas – Southwestern

Patrick Elshekh

Loma Linda University

Bianca Elisabeth Hill

Baylor College of Medicine

Amanda Kemper

Northwestern University

Alexander Klein

Kennesaw State University

Audra Lena Kopman

University of Washington

Taylor Willis

University of Texas – Southwestern


2024 Scholarship for O&P Diversity

Jessika Abril Amaya

University of Washington

Elena L.A. Chen

FIU – International Institute of Orthotics & Prosthetics

Janet Trujillo

California State University – Dominguez Hills

John Ugwu

Eastern Michigan University

About The O&P Foundation

The O&P Foundation was established to advance the art and science of orthotic and prosthetic rehabilitation by enhancing clinical practices through professional training awards, promoting educational opportunities through academic scholarships, strengthening the body of knowledge through research grants and fellowships, and inspiring excellence through the recognition of scholarly achievements. To learn more about The O&P Foundation, visit

About ABC

The American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics, and Pedorthics is the comprehensive credentialing organization whose mission is to establish and advocate for the highest patient care and organizational standards in the provision of safe and effective orthotic and prosthetic services. To learn more about ABC, please visit