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Competency-Based Education and Assessment

The end goal of an NCOPE Residency Program is to have a resident achieve competence.  Regardless of the volume or diversity of patient exposures, the resident is required to attain competence for common clinical interventions in addition to technical competence adequate to enable patient care.  

Competence is defined as having sufficient knowledge, judgment and skill to provide appropriate treatment interventions.

It does not suggest an expert or mastery level of ability or skills


Competence is assessed using Orthotic, Prosthetic, and Technical Competency forms integrated into NCOPE Tracker.  The forms can be completed multiple times throughout the residency and are designed to help identify areas where the resident can improve prior to the completion of residency.  The forms are based upon a 4 level scale:


The resident has no experience with this task and usually has difficulty with this skill or behavior, requires basic information and direction and close supervision.


The resident has limited experience and may continue to have some difficulty with the skill or behavior, frequently requires coaching/reinforcement and close supervision.


The resident has additional experience and often performs skills or behaviors effectively in common situations, occasionally requires continued coaching/reinforcement and supervision.


The resident virtually always performs skills or behaviors effectively, but may require assistance or guidance in unusual circumstances.

Competency Form Example


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