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Residency – NCOPE Legacy Project

NCOPE encourages all residents to create a Legacy Project.

A Legacy Project is something that you develop that you would have found useful when you began your residency. Examples of such projects include:

  • chart of weight limits for prosthetic knee components
  • A sheet that lists commonly used L-Codes for particular items in your practice

Full participation in the O&P community brings with it a responsibility to make contributions to the profession, its practitioners, and, ultimately, the patients we serve. This is your opportunity to use your unique perspective to leave something behind for the residents who come after you – improving their experience, education, and patient care.

If you choose to participate, submit your Legacy Project with your final evaluation (preferably in an electronic version). If your Legacy Project is deemed useful to other residents and you give us your permission, it will be shared in a special section of this website so that others can benefit from your work.

NCOPE would like to thank the residents of the University of Michigan Orthotics and Prosthetics Center for their help in creating the first Legacy Projects.