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Residency Program Annual Report (PAR)

All residency programs are required to define objectives and document residency program outcomes to demonstrate the program complies with the NCOPE Residency Program Standards.  NCOPE Residency Standard 1.5 identifies that a program annual report (PAR) must be submitted annually.  To better define expected program outcomes and standardize the annual reporting process, NCOPE is pleased to announce the availability of the PAR which must be submitted to NCOPE beginning in 2024.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What residency programs need to submit the program annual report (PAR)?

    • All NCOPE-accredited residency programs must submit a PAR.

Is there a specific time frame the PAR is trying to capture?

    • This is an annual report intended to capture the most recently completed calendar year.

Who will be notified about the need to fill out the PAR?

    • The residency program director will be notified via the primary email address on file with NCOPE.

When will I get the notification?

    • Notifications will go out to the directors the 2nd or 3rd week of January each year.

How much time do I have to complete this report?

    • Residency program directors will have 6 weeks to complete the report from the date notifications are sent out.

How will I access the report?

    • Residency program directors will be sent a unique link to complete the PAR.  Accessibility will also be granted for directors with an active resident inside of NCOPE Tracker.

Why do I need to fill this out?

    • Besides being a defined requirement in the residency standards, all clinical education programs (including O&P residency programs) should strive to: 1) have the students/trainees able to provide appropriate care, 2) have students/trainees complete their training in the time frame originally defined, 3) have students/trainees succeed on the board exams, 4) have students/trainees able to successfully transition into the O&P workforce.  If the program isn’t able to achieve these goals, it will need to develop a plan to improve the residency program for future residents.  These are central to quality assurance principles for both the education program, and the clinical practice (especially those patients being treated by residents).

Is there a copy of the questions that I will need to answer that I can have available while I fill out the PAR?

    • Yes, a review copy link is at the top of this web page or you can CLICK HERE to directly access it.

Can NCOPE help me out and share some of the data they have on file to make it easier to complete the PAR?

    • Yes, we can!  When the program director first signs in to the PAR, they will be given the chance to request a report that contains information about current/recent residents and active mentors/directors.

I work for a large organization like the VA.  Can we just submit 1 PAR for all locations?

    • Each individual residency program must submit a PAR. A residency program consists of the primary accredited site and any affiliate or satellite locations in the metropolitan area.
    • For Example: Boston O&P has accredited residency programs located in Avon, MA, and Richmond, VA.  One PAR must be completed for the Avon, MA location and a separate PAR must be submitted for the Richmond, VA location.