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Clinical Track Resources

Quarterly Activities

Every quarter one of the following activities must be completed by the clinical track resident.  The resident may repeat an activity no more than twice throughout the duration of the program.  Verification of completion is performed by submission of the “Clinical Tracker Quarterly Activity” form within NCOPE Tracker.  Residents will be prompted to upload supporting documentation including reference documents and deliverables.  

Quick Links

Rehabilitation Measures Database

A searchable compendium of clinically relevant outcome measures

The Official Peer Reviewed Journal of the Academy

PubMed Central

Free full-text manuscripts from peer reviewed journals.

Clinical Track Activity Types

Critically Appraised Topic (CAT)

A CAT is a brief summary of the most currently published research that is used to answer a specific clinical question. The research should be published within the last 15 years. The author defines the scope of the CAT based on his/her knowledge of the topic and research at hand. The CAT is a brief critical appraisal of the current literature. It may be used to inform clinical practice as a secondary knowledge source. The CAT final draft must be submitted in the NCOPE Tracker.

Suggested Deliverable: The CAT final draft must be submitted in the NCOPE Tracker.

In partnership with the Academy, residents may now directly submit their CATs to the Academy’s CAT Repository.


Journal Club Presentation

A journal club discussion may occur with any number of participants, but a minimum of five participants is suggested to enable a thorough discussion.  Participants may include peers from your office, other residents in the local area and/or other members of the patient care team such as occupational therapists or orthopedic surgeons.

Suggested Deliverable: A one page write-up of the article and discussion should be attached in the NCOPE Tracker quarterly clinical track activity survey along with references.


Case Presentation

A case presentation should be patient related. It should include patient
evaluation, treatment plan, implementation of treatment plan and follow-up. Pictures and video may be helpful but should only be integrated when appropriate permissions are granted by the patient while protecting the patient’s identity.  The case presentation should be given to an audience of O&P professionals but may also include other members of the interdisciplinary patient care team. The case should be selected for unique or notable clinical presentations and/or a unique treatment plan.

Suggested Deliverable: A PowerPoint presentation or brief (no more than 2 page) written report.

Any documentation submitted with PHI will not be accepted nor count towards meeting a residency requirement.

Professional In-Service

A professional in-service does not have to be patient related. This can be given to a group of peers in the office, at a referral source’s office, physical therapy office, hospital or similar professional setting. Discuss a potential topic with your resident director. 

Suggested Deliverable: A copy of the presentation including any works cited.  Additional information may be prompted by NCOPE Tracker.


Presentation at Ground Rounds or a Regional/National/International Meeting

This presentation may include free papers, organized sessions, or poster presentations delivered at professional O&P meetings or related disciplines (for example biomechanists).  

Suggested Deliverable: A copy of the presentation including any works cited and a copy of the meeting agenda clearly listing the resident and presentation title.  Additional information may be prompted by NCOPE Tracker.