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NCOPE Tracker does feature the ability to import data from both NextGen (used by Hanger Clinic) and OPIE.  Regardless of which system is utilized, the data must be entered correctly into the EMR platform using appropriate workflows in order to populate NCOPE Tracker.

Known Issues and Best Practices with Supported EMR Platforms:

  • OPIE – The report needed for upload into NCOPE Tracker requires correct use of OPIE Scheduler where the resident is tied to a primary treating practitioner including all cases where the resident is directly providing the care.  
  • NextGen – The appointment type field can be edited from default types created by the NextGen System.  NCOPE Tracker can only recognize the appointment types listed under “Create / Edit Dataset” menu within NCOPE Tracker.
    • Hanger Clinic residents can upload their encounters with custom appointment types defined in NextGen, but must edit then edit each case encounter manually.


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