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I Am Ready To Start My Residency, What Do I Need To Do?

1. All residents should familiarize themselves with the NCOPE Residency Essentials and must submit a Resident Registration Form at least 14 days prior to the residency start date.

2. The registration fee must be paid by either the resident or the residency program after submitting the registration form.  To make a credit card payment, please visit the Residency Services Payment Portal.

3. Official transcripts that clearly list a degree conferral date must be provided to NCOPE directly from the institution registrar or transcript clearinghouse to or the address listed on the Contact NCOPE page.

4. If you are preparing to start your 2nd residency, you must successfully complete your 1st residency program including submission of all required documentation by the resident and directors/mentor(s) before the 2nd residency program can begin.

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