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Inside NCOPE Tracker There is a Section Called “Compliance Overview” and I Would Like to Know What it Means?

The “Compliance Overview” screen is visible to both residents and mentors/directors to quickly identify which months a resident has either:

  • Not logged any cases (zero) – Shown in Red
  • Logged a relatively low number of cases (1-39) – Shown in Yellow
  • Logged at least 40 cases – Shown in Blue

The “compliance threshold” of 40 is a number identified by mentors/directors as a minimum number of cases they would expect to see and this number is in now way related to the NCOPE Residency Standards or requirements. 

Residents must log all cases that they see.  In most practices, residents will see quite a few more cases than 40.  Prosthetic residents routinely see 80 or more cases per month, orthotic residents routinely see 100 or more cases per month, and combined O&P residents routinely see 90 or more cases per month.  

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