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My NCOPE Tracker Account is Showing There is “Missing Data” But I Uploaded Data Into All Required Fields, How Do I Fix This?

Missing Data Is Caused for Different Reasons Depending On How It Was Originally Entered:

1. If the resident is manually logging a case using the “Create or Edit Data Set” option within NCOPE Tracker, the resident did not enter data into all required fields, which are shown in the image below.  Fields marked with a green arrow are required while fields marked with a red arrow are not required.

2. If the resident is uploading data to the system from a supported EMR platform, the data being uploaded fails to meet the formatting required by NCOPE Tracker or the value entered in a field does not match a known value within NCOPE Tracker.  

– Example: NCOPE Tracker has a set list of visit types including “Initial Evaluation” and “Follow-up” but the appointment type listed in the data export says “New Cranial pt.” which is not a known appointment type in NCOPE Tracker.  To correct this, the resident will need to edit the appointment type by editing the record from inside NCOPE Tracker.  

The Next-Gen EMR platform used by clinics owned/operated by Hanger Clinic often has values outside of the range NCOPE Tracker can recognize.  A written/illustrated guide to address this is accessible by CLICKING HERE.  For additional guidance on exporting data from Next-Gen please reach out to the Hanger Clinic National Residency Program staff.

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