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What Are the Steps to Make a Residency Program Application Visible to Applicants?

Within the WebAdMIT Pre-Launch Configuration Portal: 

☑ 1. Review the Application

  • Review the current application to get a sense of the questions that are already included and what you may want to add.
  • Start to pull together any details about your program and school that you want to share with applicants in the application.

☑ 2. Be Aware of Cycle Rollovers

  • Cycles run from the 1st week of September though August of the next year.
  • Keep in mind that all pages from the current cycle will be rolled over to the new cycle but you will need to edit the dates that you wish to accept applications and submit the configuration for the new cycle.

☑ 3. Brand Your Program Page

  • Work with your Marketing or PR department to choose a branding image that meets the size and format specifications. Images have to be 900×270 pixels, and 250 KB or less.
  • Pull together your program’s introductory text and instructions, as well as any requirements information, including supplemental items/fees if you use a two-part application process.

☑ 4. Configure Questions and Question Rules

  • Review current school and supplemental applications to help you determine which questions you need to ask.

☑ 5. Configure Documents

  • Ensure you have specific instructions for any documents you are requesting.

☑ 6. Configure Evaluations

  • Determine how many evaluations, if any, you want to request.

☑ 7. Preview and Submit Your Program

  • Monitor your program’s status by returning to the Configuration Portal.

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