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I Am Trying To Submit My Transcripts to NCOPE But It Looks Like It Is For OPCAS or OPRESCAS, But I Need to Start My O&P Residency, What Should I Do?

Electronic transcript request systems have the NCOPE organization listed for our common application services, OPCAS and OPRESCAS.  This transcript needs to be routed to an email address directly from your school/academic record clearinghouse (for example, Parchment).  You may need to select the option to “send the transcripts to a person” instead of an institution to route the transcripts to a defined email address.  The email address transcript requests must be routed to is: and they will not be accepted at any other email address.  In the event your institution/academic record clearinghouse cannot send official electronic transcript to, paper copies of transcripts can be submitted to:


NCOPE Residency Staff

330 John Carlyle Street – Suite 200

Alexandria, VA 22314

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