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The Residency Director/Mentor Completed a Competency Form But the NCOPE Staff Won’t Mark it as Received, What is the Reason?

Since 2012, the Orthotic/Prosthetic Residency Standards have been competency-based and state, “To successfully complete a residency, resident orthotists/prosthetists are required to attain competency in managing patients” which requires the resident to demonstrate the ability to perform comprehensive O&P care for five specific prosthetic interventions and seven orthotic interventions.  The Competency Form is completed by the residency mentor or director but can only be marked as “complete” by the NCOPE staff if both of the following conditions are met:

1. The residency mentor/director identifies the resident as being competent for all aspects of patient care including evaluation, formulation of a treatment plan, implementation, follow-up/ongoing evaluations, and documentation/billing/coding.
2. The resident has appropriate case entries demonstrating that they performed patient care for the intervention they are being deemed competent for.

The residency cannot be considered “complete” without the resident demonstrating all required competencies, and it is the responsibility of the residency director to provide appropriate learning opportunities, including patient exposure to attain all competencies.  If a residency site does not have access to a population that requires one of the orthoses/prostheses that are required competencies, then the site must seek out a satellite or affiliate agreement with another clinic that has access to the required interventions where the resident can demonstrate the competency.


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