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I Am Looking For A Residency Program and I Applied For a Position On OPRESCAS But No Person From the Clinic Ever Got Back To Me, What Should I Do?

NCOPE residency sites should only post positions that they are actively seeking to fill.  If you apply for a position and no member of the clinic staff reach out to you via phone or email after 10 business days, you should reach out to the contact person listed on the residency program application and inform them that you submitted an application (including the data submitted), the type of program you applied to (for example, combined O&P), your name/contact info.  If you do not receive a response to the initial follow-up email, send a second email 3-5 business days afterward providing the same information or call the residency site at the phone number listed on the Residency Program Directory and ask for the residency program director/primary contact listed on OPRESCAS and inform them about the submission of your residency application.

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