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What is Configuration Portal?

Configuration Portal is integrated into WebAdMIT and serves as the space where residency program directors, mentors, and staff enter information about the program and identify the specific opportunities available.  A company hosting a residency has the ability to offer multiple opportunities (for example a clinical track prosthetic residency AND a research track orthotic residency) at multiple locations (if the organization has offices across multiple geographic regions).


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  • How to Access Configuration Portal Within WebAdmit

    How to Access Configuration Portal Within WebAdmit #

    A brief tutorial for programs participating in OPRESCAS on how to access Configuration Portal for the current application cycle.

    For assistance with Webadmit, please contact the OPRESCAS Account Manager, Megan Marshall:

    Phone support is available Mon-Fri from 9 AM to 5 PM ET: (857) 304-2020
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