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A Residency Program Application Looks Like It Has Been Open a Long Time and is Listed as “Rolling” for Admissions, What is That?

While residency programs are not to advertise positions for residency opportunities that are not truly available, rolling admissions is sometimes used to leave the application open for a longer time frame than typical at sites that are flexible with the resident’s start date or for sites that do not often receive a large volume of applications.  We recommend you reach out to the primary contact listed at the residency site listed on the application to confirm the position is still available before formally applying to a site with “Rolling” admissions.  If the site is not actively seeking applicants, please let the contact at the site know, “The application is still visible and should be closed” which they can easily do inside of the OPRESCAS WebAdMIT system.  The site can also contact the NCOPE OPRESCAS Team for additional assistance.

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